Our golf performance team members have extensive experience working with golfers at all levels.

Playing or practicing too much golf can result in overuse injuries. Even if you don’t golf frequently, poor technique can result in injury. If a player is lacking either stability or mobility, his or her body will compensate by trying to make up for the deficiencies. This may ultimately create an inefficient golf swing that will lack power and consistency, and potentially result in injury. Specific golf-related injuries and issues that can emerge include:

• Disc injuries
• Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) of the hip
• Ligament injuries
• Lower back pain/injuries
• Muscle strain and sprains
• Overuse injuries

Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-certified professionals assess a total picture of an athlete’s body and swing. By doing so, they identify everything from limitations to strength training opportunities for golf stability, mobility, balance, coordination and cardio-fitness.

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Using 3-D swing analysisPhysical Golf Screen and Power Screen Analysis, our experts provide you with a winter program to improve consistency, increase power and limit injuries. Cost is $299 and includes a 12 week online program. More dates to come!

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3-D Swing Analysis (K-Vest)

The K-Vest will illustrate how efficient each golf swing is.  It will identify sequencing issues in each swing that may be causing poor ball striking AND lack of distance.


Physical Golf Screen

The Golf Screen consists of multiple physical tests to identify any limitations in mobility, motor control (stability), balance and coordination that may be negatively impacting the golf swing.


Power Screen

The Power Screen involves physical tests to evaluate each individual’s ability to create power specific to the golf swing.  Results will show areas needed for improvement.

Our Golf Performance Services

Our Golf Performance Services

3D Swing Motion Analysis

A 3D swing motion analysis provides the most detailed information available to golfers regarding swing mechanics, force development, weight transfer and efficiency. By creating a true 3D representation of your swing, we can capture each body segment throughout the swing and determine its contribution to generating consistent club head speed. We calculate your kinematic sequence – a representation of how efficiently you generate and transfer energy from your body to the club during your swing.

An inefficient golf swing often occurs because your body simply does not have the mobility or stability required to perform an efficient swing. Even with the best instruction and equipment, if your body does not have the physical capability to perform an efficient swing, your game will always lack distance or accuracy. By determining your body’s physical strengths and weaknesses and comparing them to your kinematic sequence, we can best formulate a plan of attack to help your golf swing.

You can pinpoint how to maximize your power, accuracy and consistency with a 3-D Motion Analysis from our sports medicine experts for only $299.

Golf Physical Screen

The golf physical screen determines each golfer’s strengths and limitations in the areas of the body needed for golf. It includes an assessment of range of motion and flexibility, strength and stability, balance, power and golf-specific movement patterns.

If you would like to improve your game with this tool administered by our TPI-certified pros, the screen takes approximately one hour and costs $150 for individuals. Groups of three or more can be screened at the same scheduled time for $100 per client. When 20 sessions are purchased, a 10-percent discount applies.

Individualized Training Programs

We'll create a customized training program to maximize your golf performance using the results from your screen and 3D analysis. We offer one-on-one and group training with a TPI-certified golf fitness professional or home exercise program for you to perform on your own. Additionally, for our injured golfers, we offer physical therapy with a TPI-certified medical professional to get you back to golfing pain-free.

Individual, one-hour training is $85 per session. Groups of three or more can be trained at the same scheduled time for $50 per client per session. When 20 sessions are purchased, a 10 percent-discount applies.

Package Plans

These special packages will give you the diagnostics and tools to make improvements in your golf game.  All packages include a pre and post Golf Physical Screen so you can see the progress you've made and any opportunities for the future.

  • Hole-in-One ($2,000): 3-D Swing Motion Analysis and 18 sessions of Performance Training
  • Eagle ($1,650): 18 sessions of Performance Training
  • Birdie ($1,550): 3-D Swing Motion Analysis and 12 sessions of Performance Training
  • Par ($400): 6 week access to online program with personalized training exercises

A Closer Look at Golf Performance

Golf Performance Overview

The more efficiently your body generates and transfers energy, the more frequently you’ll deliver the club head into the ball at higher speeds. This is an overview of how you can improve your golf game with our TPI-certified experts.

Our work with PGA golfer Chris Wilson

Our program helped PGA golfer and Chris Wilson improve his game. From TPI-certified physical screens to 3-D motion analysis, our strength and performance coaches can help you too.

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