Playing or practicing too much golf can result in overuse injuries. Even if you don’t golf frequently, poor technique can result in injury. If a player is lacking either stability or mobility, his or her body will compensate by trying to make up for the deficiencies. This may ultimately create an inefficient golf swing that will lack power and consistency, and potentially result in injury. Specific golf-related injuries and issues that can emerge include:

• Disc injuries
• Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) of the hip
• Ligament injuries
• Lower back pain/injuries
• Muscle strain and sprains
• Overuse injuries

Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-certified professionals assess a total picture of an athlete’s body and swing. By doing so, they identify everything from limitations to strength training opportunities for golf stability, mobility, balance, coordination and cardio-fitness.

Tools to Help Every Golfer


Golf Fitness Combine

Using 3-D swing analysisPhysical Golf Screen and Power Screen Analysis, our experts provide you with a program to improve consistency, increase power and limit injuries. Cost is $299 and includes a 6 week online program. 

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3-D Swing Analysis (K-Vest)

The K-Vest will illustrate how efficient each golf swing is.  It will identify sequencing issues in each swing that may be causing poor ball striking AND lack of distance.


Golf Physical Screen

The Golf Screen consists of multiple physical tests to identify any limitations in mobility, motor control (stability), balance and coordination that may be negatively impacting the golf swing.


Power Screen

The Power Screen involves physical tests to evaluate each individual’s ability to create power specific to the golf swing.  Results will show areas needed for improvement.

Our work with PGA golfer Chris Wilson

Our program helped PGA golfer and Chris Wilson improve his game. From TPI-certified physical screens to 3-D motion analysis, our strength and performance coaches can help you too.

Our Golf Performance Services

Our Golf Performance Services

Our providers who work with golfers