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The Comprehensive Spine Center at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has multiple specialists, diagnostic tools and treatment options in one center to care for your spine.

Why choose Ohio State’s Comprehensive Spine Center for your treatment

  • You will have the insights and expertise of an entire clinical team available to diagnose the source of your pain and help you achieve the highest level of function possible with the least-invasive treatment.
  • If you need surgery, our fellowship-trained surgeons perform more complex spine surgeries than any other medical center in central Ohio.
  • Our physical therapists specialize in spine disorders and injuries to restore you to maximum function. 
  • We are developing unique programs to analyze how activities and movements can put stress on the spine, and with our biomechanical testing (study of the action of external and internal forces on the body), we can predict when a job or functional activity could be injurious to your spine health.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research and clinical trials through our associations with national and international spine organizations.
  • Through Ohio State’s Comprehensive Spine Center registry, we track our patients’ outcomes, including physical function and quality of life, and compare these to national and international results to help us select the most effective treatment methods.
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Spine Conditions

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