Who should be tested?

If you have symptoms, you should get tested for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. Start by contacting your health care provider. Ohio State offers voluntary COVID-19 testing for individuals who don't have symptoms of COVID-19 but need to be tested for travel, work or another reason.

Where can you be tested?

You can schedule a test by contacting your Ohio State provider or schedule online using MyChart. When scheduling, you can select a testing location convenient for you.

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Testing information

Testing information

Types of COVID-19 testing

Once limited to a small segment of patients, testing has dramatically expanded and developed since the pandemic began. COVID-19 testing can answer two questions: Do you have COVID-19 now, or did you have it in the past?

Viral tests: Do you have COVID-19 now?

There are two types of viral tests: PCR and antigen-based. For both, samples are collected using a swab that’s swirled deep in the nose. Remember that viral tests are a snapshot in time and only reflect a person’s condition at moment. To truly monitor if someone has the disease, you’d have to test them daily.

Antibody tests: Were you previously infected with COVID-19?

Antibody tests are blood tests that show whether a person’s body created antibodies to fight off COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

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