Patient Care

Inpatient & Outpatient Clinical Care

Key Resources

Aerosol and Droplet Generating Procedure List (6/24/20)

Anticoagulation Management, VTE Prophylaxis and Treatment (5/29/20) 

Antimicrobial Treatment Guidelines (9/17/20)

Clinical Trials Workflow (9/17/20)  

Consent Form for Investigational COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (9/16/20)

Convalescent Plasma Fact Sheet for Providers (8/31/20)

Convalescent Plasma Workflow (9/28/20)

Infection Prevention Overview (Quick Facts) (9/18/20)

Evaluation and Management, Inpatient (7/6/20)

Evaluation and Testing, Outpatient (9/8/20) 

Hospital Approved Disinfectant Wipes Crosswalk (9/8/20)

Hospital Approved Disinfectant Wipes Selection and Use (8/24/20)

Isolation Initiation and Discontinuation, Inpatient (8/26/20)

Isolation Initiation and Discontinuation, Outpatient (8/20/20)

Laboratory Testing and Specimen Collection (10/15/20)  

Palliative Care Resources (Internal Access)

Critical Care

Airway Management in Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Patients (04/21/20)

Critically Ill Adult Patient Management (7/6/20)

Quick Reference Guide for the Management of Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 (5/27/20)

Shock, Evaluation and Management (4/17/20)


Cesarean Section Algorithm (04/07/20)

Inpatient Pregnancy Guidelines (4/21/20)

Post-partum Well Baby Care (4/9/20)

Vaginal Delivery Algorithm (4/7/20) 

Populations at Risk

Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Evaluations and Management (5/8/20)

Cardiovascular Disease, Evaluation and Management (5/29/20)

Diabetes: Hyperglycemia Management (6/18/20)

Oncology Patients: Aging Adults and COVID-19 (5/27/20)

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (4/23/20)

Processes Adapted for COVID-19

Anticoagulation Management Drive-up Service (Internal Access) (4/17/20) 

Autopsy Process (4/27/20)

Code Blue Protocol (10/15/20) 

Echocardiography Indications During COVID-19 Surge (7/28/20)

Informed Consent, Verbal (Internal Access) (4/14/20)

ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), Evaluation and Management (4/20/20)

Tracheotomy/Total Laryngectomy Safety Measures (4/30/20)

Vascular Lab Protocol  (6/9/20) 


Antibody Testing Patient Education FAQ (5/22/20)

Influenza 2020 Information for Clinicians (9/16/20)

Nasopharyngeal Swab PCR Specimen Collection Instructional Video (6/1/20)

Nasopharyngeal Dry Swab Specimen Collection Instructional Video (6/1/20)

Oropharyngeal Plus Anterior Nares PCR Swab Specimen Collection Instruction Video (6/1/20)

Oropharyngeal Specimen Collection Instructional Video (6/1/20)

Pharyngitis Screening and Management (9/28/20)

Quick Test (Swab) Stations: Hours, Services, Guide to Ordering Tests and More (10/19/20)

Serology Testing Guidance (5/22/20)

Universal COVID Testing for All Admitted Patients (8/20/20)

Universal Testing FAQ (5/29/20)

Universal Testing: Specimen Collection  (5/29/20) 

Tools & Tipsheets

Discharge Checklist (4/29/20)

Discharge Instructions (08/27/20)

IHIS Tip Sheets (Internal Access)

Infection Isolation Tip Sheet (Internal Access) (5/5/20) 

Script: Informing a patient that they’ve had contact with a COVID+ employee (5/1/20) 

Social Transmission Tipsheet (5/22/20)


Living Donor Algorithm (05/22/20)

Deceased Donor Solid Organ Algorithm (04/09/20)

Decease Donor Testing Operational Plan (04/14/20)

Heart Transplantation (4/17/20)

More COVID-19 patient care resources

More COVID-19 patient care resources