Ohio State has over 2,000 physicians in nearly every medical discipline, 25 research centers and institutes, and condition-specific clinics for a remarkable range of illnesses — for everything from heart arrhythmia, sleep disorders, inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes, to migraines, slow-healing wounds and even rare genetic disorders.

In addition, 10 of our specialties are nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report based on outcomes, structure, patient experience and expert opinion. These specialties include:

We even have subspecialists within these areas — such as the memory disorder, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease experts in our Department of Neurology — so your team receives the latest treatment options.

Quick, convenient care

If your team needs care quickly, Ohio State has several types of specialized care locations.

A doctor examines a woman's throat at Ohio State's same-day care clinic

Same Day Care

Same Day Care includes appointments with skilled nurse practitioners for quicker access to care for common conditions and illnesses.

A patient and doctor exam

Urgent Care

Anytime someone on your team has a minor to serious illness or injury that isn’t an emergency, they can be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant at one of our Urgent Care locations. Patients are taken on a walk-in or scheduled basis.

A patient with their leg in a cast

Advanced Urgent Care

For urgent illnesses or injuries that aren’t life-threatening — including broken bones and injuries that require stitches — scheduled and walk-in appointments are available seven days a week at Ohio State’s Advanced Urgent Care locations across central Ohio. Led by emergency medicine physicians, these locations offer more advanced diagnostics and treatment than regular Urgent Care. Visits are billed at a specialist rate, which costs less than a trip to the emergency department.

Jameson Crane Sports Institute

Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic Urgent Care is for sports- and activity-related injuries. Your team can get walk-in care led by orthopedic and sports medicine physicians. Visits, which must be within two weeks of the injury, are billed at a specialist rate, not a higher emergency department rate.

woman on virtual appointment with provider

In-Home Urgent Care

Through a partnership with DispatchHealth, anyone on your team who needs urgent care at home can be seen 365 days a year for typically the same cost as walk-in urgent care. Treatment is provided by a physician assistant or nurse practitioner and/or medical technician, with remote support available from an emergency medicine physician.

Addressing unique health challenges

Ohio State has developed targeted programs for distinct groups — whether based on a specific diagnosis, area of interest or job type. Any of our specialized care solutions can be offered to groups or individuals as part of your overall health and wellness plan or simply on an as-needed basis.

Executive Health patient and Ohio State doctor conversing

Executive Health Program

This membership-based care model can help your upper management improve their health despite busy schedules.

A private office suite and dedicated medical team ensures focused attention, convenient appointments and even referral and prescription assistance while traveling

Cancer Patient


CancerBridge understands the complex issues that every patient with cancer faces, and our team can provide your employees and their families the support and resources they need before, during and after treatment.

This includes solving any barriers to care and helping patients with physical symptoms, mental health challenges, long-term health risks and even the financial stresses or social isolation that often come with a cancer diagnosis.

A patient speaking with a counselor at at an inpatient mental health care setting

Mental and Behavioral Health Services

Using evidence-based treatment, Ohio State offers confidential, compassionate care for anxiety, depression or moodiness, suicide-risk, alcohol or drug abuse, autism and other behavioral concerns.

Depending on each individual’s situation, we can provide crisis management and acute inpatient care, outpatient care or partial hospitalization.

We also have a dedicated Women’s Behavioral Health Program to address the unique emotional issues women face across their lifetimes, as well as mental health and suicide prevention services through our Military Medicine Program and our Stress, Trauma And Resilience (STAR) Program for trauma survivors.

Learn more about our mental and behavioral health services.

James Mobile Mammography Unit

The James Mobile Mammography Unit

Fully accredited as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, this coach makes it possible to offer the latest digital mammography technology right on-site.

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