Whether required for a job, athletic performance or personal enjoyment, good fitness can transform a person’s physical and mental health.

Providing easy access to a fitness program not only reduces long-term health risks and boosts performance, it can also reduce lost hours by preventing injury or shortening recovery time.

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  • Ohio State has been ranked as the No. 1 rehabilitation center in Ohio by Newsweek and as one of the “Best Hospitals” for Rehabilitation by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Our Sports Medicine experts treat over 5,000 professional athletes, elite competitors and weekend warriors annually.

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Whether you need a fitness program for individuals or groups, we can offer services on a regular schedule or daily basis, either on-site or at an Ohio State location in your community.

Some of our most requested programs are highlighted below, but we can create a plan that addresses any aspect of fitness.

A woman receiving strength training from an Ohio State trainer

On-site fitness center

You provide the space, we provide the experienced sports medicine personnel, light equipment and classes.

Two seniors lifting weights

Exercise is Medicine

The Exercise is Medicine program gives every individual — regardless of their current medical concerns or physical abilities — the motivation and long-term support needed to develop and maintain healthy exercise habits for better health.

Group fitness class

Physical performance

Depending on job type, sport or personal goals, our sports medicine specialists can design programs to boost strength, power and speed to improve overall performance and prevent injury.

First responders lifting in the tactical training program

Tactical training for first responders

We can help your employees develop the physical skills needed to meet employment requirements, improve on-the-job safety and prevent or recover from injury.

Lobby Pic

Operational assessments

Our physical and occupational therapists can evaluate your current work conditions, identify injury risks and develop injury prevention programs.

A student-athlete conversing with an Ohio State athletic trainer during a physical

Athletic training and medical support

With multi-sport and occupational experience, the training team from Ohio State can independently manage your medical supplies, required reporting and all injury prevention, evaluation and treatment.

Targeted fitness

We can further customize any fitness offerings by individual, group, sport, type of injury or performance concern, including additional specialized services for:

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