Rehabilitation and training designed exclusively for tactical athletes
The physical demands on fire and rescue personnel, first responders, law enforcement and military personnel are considerable - from variety of movements to stress level to combat orientation. Our Tactical Athlete Rehabilitation and Conditioning program is designed to maximize your recovery from injury, help you meet the demands of your job, improve occupational performance and reduce the risk of future injury.

This one-of-a-kind program focuses directly on the power, strength, speed, endurance, agility and flexibility you need for the line of duty.

From rehabilitation to performance: Our approach
We utilize a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine your limitations and asymmetries. Then we design a therapeutic exercise program to correct your specific imbalances, address your needs and progress you into being mission ready.

We integrate nontraditional equipment that will carry over into real-world performance, such as situations in which loads may not be equally balanced or those that require mental toughness and thinking under stress.

Whether we’re returning you to work after surgery or injury or optimizing your biomechanical and physiological functions for your specific work activities, we give you the tools to maintain an advanced level of fitness that will keep you mission ready.

Why Ohio State Sports Medicine
Our team understands the both the physical demands of the tactical athlete and their driven and motivated mindset. We have expertise in sports and orthopedic physical therapy and team members with certification in strength and conditioning and weight training. Plus, as a leading academic medical center, we provide access to additional resources to enhance your experience, including nutritionists, sport psychologists, researchers and sports performance specialists.

Sports Medicine Outreach Program
Ohio State Sports Medicine is a trusted partner by organizations throughout Central Ohio. If you’re looking for a partner to provide care and job-specific tactical training to keep your team physically prepared for the demands of their job, we’re here to help.

Our comprehensive Outreach Program offers a variety of services and can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. Email to learn more.

Columbus Police Sergeant Joseph Riddle is back on the job after two shoulder replacement surgeries. Riddle notes the importance of Ohio State’s Physical Therapy for the Tactical Athlete program for helping him return stronger than ever.