Many people who incur a traumatic brain injury have a substance abuse problem prior to their injury. As a result, it is not surprising that a number of people after they have had traumatic brain injury also have a substance abuse problem. Adolescents and adults who are hospitalized for traumatic brain injury are much heavier drinkers than their peers who have not incurred a TBI.

Substance Use with TBI: Materials from OVC

Substance Use with TBI: Materials from OVC

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Substance Use and Brain Injury Toolbox
The Toolbox contains tools you need to put together a program in your facility to address substance abuse in clients receiving rehabilitation for brain injury. Toolbox contains: 5 copies each of the "User's Manual" and "Manual del Usario", 1 copy of the "Programmer's Guide", 1 copy of English and Spanish versions of a DVD "For Faster, More Reliable Operation of a Brain After Injury.

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