Specialized care for pregnant women with heart conditions

Ohio State’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy Program, led by a maternal fetal medicine physician specializing in high-risk pregnancies, is one of only a few programs nationwide that takes a team approach to caring for pregnant women with heart conditions. We work closely with a physician affiliated with the Women's Heart Health program at the Ross Heart Hospital who is dual board-certified in adult and pediatric cardiology, as well as an anesthesiologist specializing in obstetrics.

Together, our team works with you, your primary Ob/Gyn and your cardiologist to coordinate your care. Your primary Ob/Gyn may continue to provide routine care throughout your pregnancy or you and your doctor may choose to transfer your pregnancy care (routine exams, delivery, postpartum checkups) to us.

We’re also part of Ohio State, which means we have access to resources, equipment and support that make certain treatments possible only here. In fact, our maternal fetal medicine physicians are actively involved in clinical research, participating in developing and testing many of the screening procedures and treatments we offer.

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