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Special attention is devoted to fetal interventions and other forms of care for complex genetic and congenital disorders of the fetus.

In partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio State is one of only eight U.S. academic center sites awarded both Maternal Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) and Network Neonatal Research Networks funding to study the most innovative therapeutics to improve outcomes for mothers and premature babies.

Why Choose Ohio State

Expertise: Our multidisciplinary team includes maternal fetal medicine specialists as well as neonatologists, obstetricians, cardiologists and pediatric surgeons with international and national expertise in clinical care.

Innovation: We provide imaging services such as basic and advanced procedures in interventional radiology, maternal echocardiography, computed tomography, fetal magnet resonance imaging and nuclear medicine imaging with interpretation available at all times.

Technology: We perform detailed obstetric ultrasonography and fetal assessment including Doppler, 3D, 4D and 5D studies.
Our Services

Our Services

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