Exceptional care for burns and wounds

Physicians at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are actively involved in leading burn and wound care research and, for that reason, have a deeper understanding of the subject matter. As a research and educational institution, OSU Wexner Medical Center offers patients first access to breakthrough technology, medication and dressings that are not available to others.

Surgeons at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center can help whether you have been affected by:

  • Crush injuries 
  • Poor circulation 
  • Diabetic ulcers 
  • Gangrene 
  • Necrosis 
  • Surgical wounds 
  • Radiation effects 
  • Tumors 
  • Disease 
  • Other conditions

Our surgeons are specialty trained in complex reconstruction procedures that can restore both form and function for those who have suffered from a range of injuries, diseases or conditions. 

Burn care

The Department of Plastic Surgery at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center works with skilled and experienced burn reconstruction experts who can rebuild the skin and restore form and function for patients who have suffered from first-, second- and third-degree burns. Our doctors can help people who have experienced a number of burn types, including: 

  • Electrical burns 
  • Radiation burns 
  • Thermal burns 
  • Chemical burns 

Treatment options for burn care and reconstruction procedures vary depending on each patient’s condition and tolerance for certain therapies. Options may include one or more of the following: 

  • Pain management 
  • Physical and/or occupational therapy 
  • IV (intravenous) fluids and electrolytes 
  • Skin grafting surgery 
  • Reconstruction surgery for function and aesthetics 

Wound and burn treatment 

One of the advantages of coming to the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is that as an academic research institution, we offer patients the ability to participate in clinical trials and have access to cutting-edge treatment. Bioelectric wound dressing is one of the new research advancements in treatment. It introduces electrons into the cell’s mitochondria (the body’s cell component that makes energy), helping it to make more energy that heals the cell. Our patients have been among the first to utilize this. 

From using ultrasound that makes diagnosis easier, painless and faster, to providing nursing expertise and delivering the best dressings to your home, to working as a team in collaboration with our other specialists, we make treatment the most effective and least stressful it can be for the patient. 

Specialized procedures we perform

  • Our specialized expertise enables us to address issues others cannot, like contracture, a complication which immobilizes joints 
  • Using absorbable beads to release high levels of antibiotics to wound sites containing bacterial biofilm has changed the way we treat pressure ulcers (no one else in the country is doing this) 
  • We’re conducting trials using topical oxygen therapy to help diabetic foot ulcers heal faster in participating patients 
  • Through a sponsorship from the Department of Veterans Affairs, we’re also helping to develop an advanced lower extremity limb prosthesis that can help amputees participating in the trials return to normal activities quicker and easier 
  • Our dedicated inpatient wound service is connected to your outpatient wound center to ensure the proper care and healing of your wound 

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