Congratulations to Andee Davis, one of the emergency medical technicians serving UH's Emergency Department, for being nominated and selected as one of the very first three recipients of the BUCK-I Award!

The Bringing the Utmost Care and Kindness to Individual patients (BUCK-I) Award recognizes Health System ancillary nursing staff (non-RNs who report to a nurse manager) for extraordinary acts of compassionate care they demonstrate in their work with patients. Winners of this award are known for exemplifying the mission, vision and values of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and truly making a connection with the patient and family through trust and emotional support, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

"Andee is frequently assigned to triage and on busy days there can be more than 30 people waiting for a room for up to 8 hours. Andee sees the person behind each wait time. She shows compassion to every patient and takes the time to explain the wait time to any patient that asks...The emergency department can be a frightening place for many people, but Andee helps make sure patients feel comfortable, safe, and cared for with her attitude and sense of humor. Even after a long shift (or many) she never fails to take initiative and be proactive in facilitating patient throughput so that patients can get definitive treatment." -Shannon Francis, BSN, RN, UH Emergency Department

"Andee Davis is the type of employee that any manager is lucky to have on their staff, but even more every patient is lucky to have as part of their care team. Andee comes into work each shift with a smile on her face ready and willing to face any and all challenges in the coming twelve hours of her shift. The Emergency Department is a rewarding department to work in, but it does not come without caring for difficult cases...There are times when she gets to work for a shift that the cards are completely stacked against us; a full waiting room, boarding patients, ambulances coming, more patients expected, etc. Andee's response is steadfast in determination to do what is needed to work as a team in giving high-quality, patient-centered care for every single patient that walks through our doors, regardless of their reasons for being there." -Emily Cachionne, MS, RN, Nurse Manager, UH Emergency Department

Do you know of a staff member deserving of the BUCK-I Award? Nominations are accepted quarterly. Submit a nomination.

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