Congratulations to Charles Simpson, one of the patient care associates serving University Hospital's 10 Rhodes, for being nominated and selected as one of this quarter's BUCK-I Award winners!

The Bringing the Utmost Care and Kindness to Individual patients (BUCK-I) Award recognizes Health System ancillary nursing staff (non-RNs who report to a nurse manager) for extraordinary acts of compassionate care they demonstrate in their work with patients. Winners of this award are known for exemplifying the mission, vision and values of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and truly making a connection with the patient and family through trust and emotional support, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

"There is a lot to be said about a PCA who truly cares about their job and the patients that they serve. It is a hard and often thankless job that has all the guts and none of the glory. One person truly exemplifies providing high quality care to patients without fail is a tenured PCA on 10 Rhodes, Charles Simpson. Charles has been in the health care field for many years, and over his years I think he has offered a great deal to the patients and staff that he has helped care for. He is not just kind and understanding, but he is always willing to help others out despite what his own workload is. Charles uses his time when he is sitting to care on conversations with our confused and often lonely patients trying to find something that they have in common or find some small way to make a difference. I can vividly recall a time he sat with a patient I was caring for and he found out they were terribly lonely and missed their dog as they had been a patient for many weeks. He went to the gift shop and bought then a small stuffed dog from his own money to help give them some sense of companionship. He has a positive attitude no matter how hard the day or how trying the situation. I have rarely seen him sitting down at the nurses’ station because in his "down time" I see him rounding on his patients or conversing with them about life. He exemplifies what it means to be dedicated to your job and patients alike." -Kristen Hill, MS, RN, CNS

Do you know of a staff member deserving of the BUCK-I Award? Nominations are accepted quarterly. Submit a nomination.

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