Congratulations to Laura Lizotte, one of the patient care associates serving patients on 10 East Doan, for being nominated and selected as one of the very first three recipients of the BUCK-I Award!

The Bringing the Utmost Care and Kindness to Individual patients (BUCK-I) Award recognizes Health System ancillary nursing staff (non-RNs who report to a nurse manager) for extraordinary acts of compassionate care they demonstrate in their work with patients. Winners of this award are known for exemplifying the mission, vision and values of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and truly making a connection with the patient and family through trust and emotional support, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

"I had never worked with Laura prior to the following interaction that happened on her home unit, 10 East Doan. She and I shared the privilege taking care of a sweet woman who was in need of a mitral valve replacement. This patient was attempting to get out of bed with physical therapy when she started to complain of chest pain and shortness of breath. Overhearing the commotion, I went into the room to find Laura already at the bedside, trying to calm the patient. The patient kept repeating that she wasn't well, and it became apparent that something very serious was going on. As more staff members entered the room, the situation escalated and soon the room became very crowded. Laura remained at the patient's side of bed, holding her hand and reading scripture from an app on her phone that she and the patient had shared readings from earlier in the week. The patient was interacting only with Laura, and nodding to her to move on to the next verse. The situation became very tense and serious as the patient ended up needing a breathing tube and sent to the ICU. Through all of the tense moments, Laura never once left that patient's side. She held her hand, talked to her, read to her and explained things to the patient amid the deteriorating conditions. I noticed several times through this incident that although many people were talking, the only person the patient looked at was Laura. She kept eye contact with her the entire time. I fully believe that Laura's presence was instrumental to the patient's outcome. Once the situation had ended and the patient had been transferred to a higher level of care, Laura told me that she was scared to death and that was her first "ERT." I was stunned. In my ten plus years of nursing experience, I had never seen something so heartwarming / out of the ordinary in such a situation. The importance presence for this woman will never be forgotten- as I am sure that myself, Laura and the patient will recall this moment forever. This was an excellent reminder for me that some of the most important care that patients can receive is NOT in the form of medication." -Angela Bruney, BSN, RN, UH/Ross Float Pool

Do you know of a staff member deserving of the BUCK-I Award? Nominations are accepted quarterly. Submit a nomination.

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