Congratulations to Lejeune "Chris" Vague, one of the patient care associates serving the University Hospital and Ross Heart Hospital Float Pool, for being nominated and selected as one of this quarter's BUCK-I Award winners!

The Bringing the Utmost Care and Kindness to Individual patients (BUCK-I) Award recognizes Health System ancillary nursing staff (non-RNs who report to a nurse manager) for extraordinary acts of compassionate care they demonstrate in their work with patients. Winners of this award are known for exemplifying the mission, vision and values of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and truly making a connection with the patient and family through trust and emotional support, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

Chris recently floated to Harding to sit with a particularly difficult patient. This patient was extremely high-energy and would frequently get agitated and begin pacing around the pod. Chris was able to connect to the patient in a way that other staff members hadn't. He was able to keep up with the patient all night, deescalate the patient at critical moments, and kept the patient calmer than they had been before. Chris did such a wonderful job with this patient that three separate nurses sent an email to our management team to proclaim his hard work and their amazement at his success with this patient. One Harding nurse, David Lille, said, "it's a rare person who can walk into such a situation and excel - the staff would like you to know that we are appreciative, and in awe, of Chris.” The charge nurse that night, Cassie Hovanec, said, “I was the charge nurse this past night and I just wanted to let you know that staffing sent us a wonderful tech to sit with our patient. He has been so great and patient throughout the whole entire night. This patient can definitely be difficult at times, but Chris Vague has handled each situation very well.” Chris has been such a valued member of the float pool and the hospital. His years of hard work and experience were on display with this patient. We are so grateful that he is such an asset to our team and able to make these connections. This example of his phenomenal work at Harding is merely a snapshot of the hard work, patience, dedication and positive attitude Chris brings to work on a nightly basis. Chris is nothing short of a valuable asset not only UH float pool but to OSU as a whole. --Alex Koser, UH/Ross Float Pool

Do you know of a staff member deserving of the BUCK-I Award? Nominations are accepted quarterly. Submit a nomination.

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