Ariane-Park_MultidisciplinaryClinicIf you have Parkinson’s disease (PD), you may struggle with different symptoms or issues that can change over time. We understand that PD can feel overwhelming. The less time you spend at the doctor’s office means more time you spend on daily activities that you enjoy. Ohio State’s PD Multidisciplinary Clinic makes it possible to get complete, high-quality care in a way that’s more convenient.

The advantages of multidisciplinary care

When we use the term “multidisciplinary,” it means you’ll have a team of specialists from different disciplines providing care in a coordinated way. We always seek to treat you as a whole person, not as a list of individual symptoms.

The care you receive through our PD Multidisciplinary Clinic is intended to improve your overall quality of life and build on the recommendations and treatments already provided by your primary neurologist. Equally important is the fact that every clinic specialist you see has experience with PD, so their recommendations are specific to your disease.

What to expect

We’ll first meet with you to understand the exact care and resources you need. This often includes common concerns such as movement issues, sleep disturbances, depression and constipation. Whatever your issue, we’ll connect you to the right expert.

At our multidisciplinary clinic, your care team will include an advanced practice provider, a nurse and medical assistants who work closely with physical, occupational and speech therapists, neuropsychologists and a social worker, all with expertise in PD.

This multidisciplinary approach extends well beyond these providers. If you develop new health issues, we can refer you to many other experts across the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, and we’ll continue to monitor how their treatment recommendations impact your PD and quality of life.

We can even help you enroll in appropriate clinical research studies if you’re interested in exploring the latest treatments only available at an academic health center like Ohio State.

The best care made easy

Because details of every visit are shared with your entire care team, we’ll do everything we can to coordinate all of your clinic appointments into a single day so you don’t have to tell your story over and over.

In addition, this multidisciplinary PD team will meet to talk about your overall well-being and how treatments are working or impacting other symptoms. Going forward, and with your primary neurologist’s input, we’ll adjust your care plan and add resources as needed.

Clinic location

The Ohio State Parkinson’s Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic is offered once per month at Outpatient Care Gahanna. To maximize convenience, we’ll do our best to schedule as many specialist appointments as we can into a single day, and we’ll also try to coordinate clinic appointments with any visits you have with other Ohio State providers.

Clinic leadership

Ariane Park, MD, MPH

Ariane Park, MD, MPH

Co-director of The Center for Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders

Dr. Park manages care for patients with all types of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, tremor and dystonia.

Clinical profile

Clarisse Goas, MS, CNP

Clarisse Goas, MS, CNP

Goas specializes in movement disorders and has experience in clinical trials, including new medication symptomatic interventions, deep brain stimulation and intestinal pump drug delivery systems.

Clinical profile

Jonathan Zins

Jonathan Zins, DPT, PT

Dr. Zins is the Parkinson’s disease team coordinator in outpatient rehabilitation. He is a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist, treating patients with a variety of neurologic injury and disease.

Academic profile

Getting a referral to the clinic

A referral is needed for Ohio State’s PD Multidisciplinary Clinic. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please talk with your primary neurologist or other specialist you see for your PD treatment. They can answer any questions and provide a referral if appropriate.

If you have questions about this clinic or our other PD services, please call 614-293-4696.

Learn more about Parkinson's disease

Learn more about Parkinson's disease

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