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Notes of thanks from Buckeye Nation

To our frontline staff and health care workers, we celebrate you for keeping our patients, staff and families safe. Thank you for all that you do!

Gratitude by the numbers

  • 1,746donated masks
  • 16,000chocolate bars
  • 20,000snacks
  • 6,700meals
  • 1,800various pick-me-ups
  • 150take-and-bake family meals
  • 557blood donations
  • 300plasma donation offers
  • 2,000social media messages
  • 600notes of support
“As we are hunkered down keeping safe and staying healthy, we are thankful that you have the skills and courage to do all that you do to save lives. Thank you.” Zonia Horn
“Peace, light, and laughter to all of you who safeguard your patients in their times of need. You are the glue that holds us all together, and give us the strength to keep going. Stay strong, and stay as safe as you can. We are all thinking about you, and wishing the best for us to all come through this together.” Shante' Gambrel
“Thank you for all that you do, my family and I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and hard work. Please stay well during this difficult time and again, thank you for everything. You are an inspiration to us all.” Mary Medert, Bryan and Matthew Ashmus
“Thank you, for continuing to give us hope, for keeping us informed, and for saving lives and preventing the pandemic to worsen. While it is a hopeless time for many, it is essential workers in and around the field of medicine that are our heroes. Whenever I feel down on my luck or ready to give in, I can think of you all and know that I can and must do whatever is possible to stay positive and help others where I can.” Zoltan Roemer The Ohio State University student
“We are so very grateful for your expertise, commitment, passion, compassion and selfless dedication to our community and our world. You are truly angels on earth. We pray for each of you and your loved ones every single day!!” Kay and Larry Helman
“Thank you for all you do EVERYDAY. We need more people like you! Keep up the great work and PLEASE take care of yourself FIRST. We needed you before this virus and we need you after this trying time too. Love & Prayers to all” Karen Brown
“I can’t quite put into words the gratitude that many of us have for all of the staff that are working tirelessly to battle this virus. The sacrifices that are being made are not going unnoticed.” Ericka Hoon Assistant Athletic Director, Facility & Scheduling Events, Ohio State Athletics

Thank you from our leaders...

“I'm so proud to be part of this amazing community. I want you to know that I appreciate all the sacrifices you are making at work and at home to keep central Ohio safe. I know this isn't just what we do, it is who we are. Thank you."

 – Hal Paz, MD, executive vice president and chancellor for health affairs at The Ohio State University and chief executive officer of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.


Dear Doctors and Nurses...

Hundreds of children from across this great city have sent thank-you notes and photos to you. The photo on the rights is a collage of several of the photos we’ve received in your honor.
“Dear Dr., thanks for helping people during covid-19. Thanks for trying your best to stop the spread. Thank you for taking care of people. Thank you for telling people what to eat and be healthy. Thank you for trying to stop the spread of the virus.” Abdulrahman Jawara Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear Doctors, thank you for keeping everybody safe from the covid-19. Keep the work up on keeping the world in good health. We don’t want you guys to get the covid-19. We are glad that you are making sure everybody stay home. Thank you again with making sure we get back to normal.” Amyr Virgies Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear Doctors, thank you for taking care of people that got coronavirus. Thank you for working for long hours and putting your health at risk. My family appreciates your time away from your family. We hope that the government can get you all the supplies you need to stay safe. Your efforts to save lives and get people home safely makes our country a better place.” Connor Wittler Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear Nurses and doctors, thank you for staying in hospitals and keeping us well from the COVID-19 and trying your best. We love that you guys are not giving up at all. We also love that you make sure we get well. We will do our best to stay well as well. Thank you for keeping us as well as possible and helping us a lot.” Jackson Stephens Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear doctor thank you for help us with the stuff that is going on. We thank you for helping everyone in our country. we even thanks for putting mask on. we thank you for everything you have done. I just wanted to say thank you.” Jayden Huston Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear Hospital workers thank you for helping people with the COVID-19. I know you guys get tired at work a lot. I know COVID-19 is a lot of work. The COVID-19 keeps you at work a lot.You guys are the best.” Kayleigh Murphy Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear doctors and nurses, thank you for taking care of the corona patients. I pray you and your family don't get the virus. Thank you for working to help the people. We appreciate your sacrifice . You are heros!” Mahamadou Thiam Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School
“Dear Doctors and Nurses, thank you for helping the people who are sick with the Coronavirus. Thank you for putting your own health at risk to take care of others who need you. Please keep up the good work! You make me happy because you are helping others. I hope you and your family will stay healthy. I hope you do not lose a loved one. My family and I are praying for you every day. We appreciate you for doing your work. Thank you so much!” Parker Lemal Miss Goldman's 2nd Grade Class, Sedalia Elementary School

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