Welcome to the Ohio State COVID-19 Employee Well-Being Resources site, which provides our employees remote access to important COVID information and updates when you cannot immediately access our intranet. The documents are provided for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. All information is meant for use by health care workers.

If you are a patient or member of the general public, please visit our Coronavirus section for information on symptoms, prevention and more.

Gabbe Health & Wellness

Mindfulness Booster Sessions

Gabbe Health & Wellness is offering 30-minute mindfulness practices, video recordings from each session are linked below:

Renew, Restore and Heal: Urban Zen Series 

Join Ohio State Integrative Medicine and the Gabbe Health & Wellness Initiative for a series providing a path to renewing, restoring and healing for those who are feeling exhausted, anxious or overly stressed. Certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist Lori Bower will lead participants through practices that include restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, Reiki, breath awareness and guided meditation.

Program Recordings: 12/8/2012/15/2012/22/20

Calming Yoga-Based Movement Series

This series offers gentle yoga-based practices aimed to build resilience and stamina for living with the changes COVID-19 has brought to all of our lives. Each week we use simple movement, breath work, and meditation focusing on effects such as exhaustion, insomnia, isolation, overstimulation, self-care, grief and anxiety.

Buckeye Wellness Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Buckeye Wellness is proud to offer free educational series and fitness classes held throughout the university.