Why Choose Ohio State for a breast lift?

If you are considering a breast lift, it is important that you find the most experienced team that have proven results. At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, you’ll find board-certified plastic surgeons with expertise in a wide range innovative breast lift techniques.

Because Ohio State is a teaching and research hospital, our highly-trained physicians train the next generation of plastic surgeons and also conduct research to bring about new advancements in cosmetic surgery. At Ohio State, you also have access to:

  • Our entire team of experts, not only in plastic surgery, but in every other field of medicine
  • The most comprehensive and latest cosmetic surgery treatments and care
  • Safe procedures with fast recovery

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Breast lift for a smoother, firmer bust

Aging, gravity, weight loss and recent pregnancy/breastfeeding can all contribute to sagging breast skin. A breast lift eliminates excess skin, tightens remaining skin and actually lifts breasts to reverse these effects and give you a smoother, younger-looking and firmer bust.

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