What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the nation. Breast implant doctors use different types of breast implants and surgical techniques to help you achieve breasts that are more proportionate to your body frame. Plastic surgeons also perform implant surgery for breast reconstruction after mastectomy or injury.

Breast implants help enhance the size, shape and contour of your breasts. Breast augmentation will add fullness and volume to the bust. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus is home to some of the region’s best breast augmentation surgeons. 

Our breast implant specialists used the latest breast augmentation techniques to help you achieve just the look you want. Breast augmentation can’t fix breasts that are severely sagging. In such instances, breast implant doctors may recommend a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation. If you choose this approach, the doctor will discuss your goals and whether it’s best to have the procedures together or as separate operations.

Types of breast implants

Many women choose breast augmentation so their breasts can be more proportionate to their body frame. Implants can improve the size, shape and contour of your breasts, adding fullness and volume. Your doctor will discuss types of implants with you in pre-surgery appointments. The two main types of breast implants are saline and silicone.

Saline implants

Saline implants have a silicone outer shell. They’re filled with a saltwater solution. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved silicone breast implants for patients who are over the age of 18. At the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, doctors fill saline breast implants after they’ve been inserted. This allows surgeons to use smaller incisions so you’ll have less visible scarring after your procedure.

Silicone implants

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel instead of saline. They are FDA-approved for breast augmentation in patients over the age of 22, and for breast reconstruction in patients of any age.

Many women prefer silicone implants because they have a more natural look and feel than saline implants. Silicone implants are a common choice for those who are very thin as well as for individuals who are having breast reconstruction after cancer. 

Seek out the best to look your best

Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which type of implant is best for you. Whatever type of breast implant you choose, you can rely on the exceptional experts at Ohio State to help you achieve your desired results. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons for information and guidance. Your privacy and comfort are important to us and will remain a high priority throughout consultation and care. 

What to expect from breast augmentation surgery

Ohio State plastic surgeons may perform breast augmentation surgery in an outpatient surgery center or the hospital. During your pre-surgery appointment, the surgeon will discuss what to expect and steps you should take to prepare. The doctor will instruct you about arrangements for transportation and post-surgical care.  

Your doctor will also discuss anesthesia used during surgery. Before surgery, you’ll receive medication to help keep you comfortable. You'll be administered general anesthesia and remain in a deep, sleep-like state throughout the procedure and you won’t see, hear or feel anything.

After surgery, you should be able to go home on the same day. 

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery

Preparation for breast augmentation with or without a breast lift may include these and other steps. Your doctor will instruct you about your specific procedure and preparation steps such as: 

  • Blood and other lab testing 
  • Physical examination, including breast exam 
  • Review of any medications or supplements you’re taking 
  • Instructions about medications to take or avoid for a while before and after surgery 
  • Instructions to stop smoking 
  • Review of health history and medical condition 
  • Questions about your lifestyle and health habits 
  • Guidance about any other steps to take before surgery 

During breast augmentation procedure

After the anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will make incisions. Ohio State plastic surgeons place incisions in discreet areas so scars will be less visible. Your Ohio State plastic surgeon will discuss these and other incision options: 

  • Along the edge of the areola   
  • Along the fold under the breast 
  • In the armpit

Your doctor considers several variables when choosing incision options. These include:

  • Type of breast implant used 
  • Your treatment goals, including degree of enlargement 
  • Your anatomy and the condition of your breasts
  • Your personal preferences  
  • The surgeon’s preferences and discretion 

Once the surgeon makes an incision, the doctor will insert a breast implant into a pocket. This may be located under the pectoral muscle or just behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle.

Your doctor will discuss the appropriate breast implant insertion, placement and positioning options. This varies depending on your body type, desired breast shape and size, and the type of breast implant. 

The breast implant doctor will use layered sutures within the breast tissue to support and shape tissues. The plastic surgeon may take additional steps if a breast lift is part of breast augmentation.  

Once your surgery is complete, the doctor may use sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape to close the incisions. You’ll have some swelling, redness and discomfort. Your doctor can give you medication for discomfort if necessary.

Recovery after breast augmentation procedure

After surgery, you’ll stay in a recovery area for a while so nurses can monitor your condition. Your breasts will be covered in gauze dressings. You’ll wear a support bra or an elastic band (bandeau) to reduce swelling and support breasts throughout your recovery.

If your condition is stable — usually after an hour or so — you can go home. Before you leave, you’ll learn more about home care and other details. You’ll get specific instructions about your breast implant recovery and follow-up appointments.

You’ll wear your support bra or bandeau all the time, as directed by the surgeon. The doctor will tell you about wound care and what to do to avoid infection or other complications. 

It’s important to carefully follow all of your doctor’s instructions to ensure safe, successful healing. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activity until the surgeon tells you it’s safe to resume normal activities. Initial discomfort usually subsides within five days or so.  Soreness, redness and swelling will gradually get better over the next few weeks. The doctor will tell you what symptoms are normal and what symptoms — such as fever — that you should report to your doctor without delay.

Results of breast augmentation

You’ll see immediate results from your breast augmentation, including added fullness and enhanced shape. Your incision lines will fade in time. The type of scar depends on many things, including inherited traits and lifestyle habits such as not smoking. 

How much does breast augmentation cost?

The cost of breast augmentation varies depending on your goals for the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will discuss various surgery options as well as the cost during your first appointment. Please call 614-293-8566 or complete the Request an Appointment form at the top of the page to schedule an appointment. Most cosmetic plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments aren't covered under insurance plans, but reconstructive procedures, such as breast reconstruction, may be covered under your policy. You can learn more about insurance at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Financing.

Why choose Ohio State for breast augmentation?

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you want an experienced and trusted plastic surgeon with a record of proven results. At the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, you’ll find board certified plastic surgeons with expertise in a wide range of innovative breast implant techniques performed with routinely successful results.

Ohio State is an internationally recognized teaching and research hospital. Our highly trained surgeons are the academic and medical leaders who train tomorrow’s plastic surgery experts. Ohio State plastic surgeons also conduct leading-edge research to bring about new advancements in breast surgery and other cosmetic surgical procedures.  

At Ohio State, you have access to: 

  • A multispecialty team of experts who excel in plastic surgery, as well as other areas of medicine 
  • The latest and most comprehensive cosmetic surgery treatments and care 
  • Reliable, trusted procedures from board certified plastic surgeons 
  • Sophisticated approaches that help you to recover more easily and quickly

Seek out the best to look your best

Plastic surgeons at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have been specialty trained in breast surgery to help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. In fact, our doctors are qualified beyond standard requirements in breast augmentation. Their extensive experience with state-of-the-art breast augmentation procedures helps ensure you achieve the look you desire.

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