Ear2 Ears are an often overlooked part of appearance — unless you have ears you don’t like. Whether you were born with them or they were altered by injury or illness, we can change the look and positioning of one or both ears.

Ear Conditions

Auricular or ear cancer

Although rare, cancer may occur in any of the three parts of the ear: outer, middle or inner. Although required treatment may damage tissue, we can use various techniques to restore a natural appearance.


Present from birth, this deformity is when the external ear, or pinna, is underdeveloped. If it is undeveloped altogether, this is called anotia. These conditions may also be referred to as microtia-anotia and may occur on only one or both sides.

Protruding ears

Many adults have disliked how their ears stick out since they were children. We can essentially “pin back” ears to improve both looks and confidence.

Torn earlobes

Whether due to an accident or injury or caused by jewelry, we can repair torn earlobes while often maintaining a patient’s ability to wear jewelry in the future.

Trauma to ears

Injury from an accident or required medical treatment may cause ear deformities. Our goal is always to return an ear to as close to its natural appearance as possible while also matching the look of the opposite ear.

Ear Treatments

Earlobe repair

Whether torn, stretched, damaged or deformed, we can restore your earlobe to a more natural, aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.

Otoplasty and ear reconstruction

This includes the surgical and nonsurgical treatment options used to create an outer ear or to correct existing damage or deformities to provide a more natural contour and appearance. This includes pinning back ears that may protrude.