Remembrance and Renewal exercises are a self-guided experience for staff to remember those that have impacted their lives both personally and professionally. Additionally, it is an opportunity to, renew one’s mind, body, and spirit, reconnecting to one’s purpose. This event, brought to you by the James Remembrance and Renewal Program Committee, was created to acknowledge and honor the bereavement that workers experience on a day to day basis. Over the next 5 days, daily activities will be offered, giving staff an opportunity to explore thoughts and emotions surrounding loss, grief, and dying.

In these activities self- awareness is always useful. Consider the following questions as a warm up for the exercises to come in the next week:

What do I value?
Who is a trusted support?
What types of self-care truly work for me?
What happens after this life?

Thank you for participating in this virtual Remembrance and Renewal! Normally, an R&R event can be found monthly in various locations throughout our health care system.

Stay tuned for offerings in the future and please consider how you can keep R&R in your corner of the world!