Integrated health and wellness classes can help improve your well-being

Ohio State Integrative Medicine offers a wide variety of classes that enhance your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well-being. Classes include tai chi, meditation and beginner and more advanced yoga.  2019 Class Schedule

2019 Class Schedule

Emotional Resilience Yoga

This 6 week series consists of trauma-informed gentle yoga movements focusing on establishing the mind-body connection. This course offers essential self-care practices rooted in Ayurveda, yoga philosophy and evidence- based practices designed to empower the individual who has experienced trauma. It is suitable for all levels of practice and no previous yoga experience is necessary. Winter sessions held Tuesdays 2/12/19 - 3/19/19.

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Gentle Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga uses traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques to build strength, promote flexibility and help manage stress. Gentle Hatha yoga is accessible to all body types and modifications will be available to all students. No yoga experience necessary. Winter sessions held Thursday 1/24/19 - Monday 4/1/19.   


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Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi is a series of slow, meditative movements that improve health through relaxation, mindfulness, and strengthening postures. This form will challenge your focus, awaken your senses, develop balance, and teach you ways to draw peace in each moment. Each class will introduce movements tied to a weekly theme meant to encourage reconnection of your body, mind, and spirit. Classes are cumulative so attending the first class in each session is recommended for success. Winter sessions held Thursdays 1/31/19 through 3/7/19. 

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Therapeutic Self-Massage

Massage helps to reduce muscle tension and stiffness by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Learn the art of becoming your own massage therapist by using foam rollers, tennis balls and your own hands to release problem areas throughout the body. The class includes gentle stretching and a relaxation practice. No experience necessary. Sessions held on the second Thursday of each month beginning February 14th. 

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Spontaneous Meditation

Spontaneous Meditation is a natural and simple technique of consciousness that strengthens and supports both the mind and body to enhance health and well-being. This technique is not based on concentration, contemplation, or manipulation of the mind.  During meditation the mind is spontaneously opened to and nourished by the underlying field which is the infinite source of energy, intelligence, and bliss. Spontaneous Meditation connects one to the wholeness of life improving all aspects of health and wellness. In this program you will also learn a breathing exercise and a set of yoga postures. Sessions made up of 3 classes are offered monthly.

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Reiki is a healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is administered by laying on hands to channel healing energy from the practitioner to the patient. In addition to discussion and practice, participants will define Reiki energy, learn the history of Reiki, Identify Reiki principles and components of the chakra system, and learn Reiki hand positions. No experience necessary for Reiki One training.  Reiki Level One Spring Session will be held on Thursday, May 9th, 2019. 


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Urban Zen Therapy

This course provides a path to renewing, restoring and healing for people who are exhausted, anxious or overly stressed. A certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist will lead you through practices that include, restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy, Reiki, breath awareness, and guided meditation. This class is appropriate for everyone, whether you are recovering from illness or injury, or in need of self-care practices. No experience is necessary.  Winter sessions held Wednesdays 1/30/19 - 3/6/19. 

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