WorthenChaudhariImageRTFAdvanced motion analysis technology enables our collaborating faculty to advance evidence-based neurorehabilitation for a variety of patients.

Within The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Neurological Institute, the Motion Analysis and Recovery Biomechanics Lab is a research resource with advanced motion capture technology that includes high-speed cameras, electromyography, and ground reaction force measurement devices, all of which can be used to record and analyze the body’s motion throughout rehabilitation. This type of quantitative motion analysis enables collaborating faculty to advance evidence-based neurorehabilitation for a variety of patients, including those who have suffered stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and other issues that inhibit movement.

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William Pease, MD

Lab Director

Dr. Pease completed his MD at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and his residency in physical medicine and rehab at the OSU Wexner Medical Center. Dr. Pease is recognized as a distinguished physician by the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

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Lise Worthen-Chaudhari

Lab Associate Director

Lise Worthen-Chaudhari connects rehabilitation science to the creative arts, seeking to make physical recovery following CNS injury more engaging and data-driven. She received an MFA in dance at Ohio State and an MS in kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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Courtney Bland

Clinical Research Associate

Marie "Mimi" Lamantia

Pelotonia fellow

Daniel Melcher

Research Associate

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Current Projects

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