Hoyle_Kolb_ImageRTFOne of the largest centers for neuromuscular disorders in the United States

Forty years ago, Jerry Mendell, MD, an internationally known expert in Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, founded what has grown into the Ohio State Neuromuscular Center, one of the largest nerve and muscle centers in the United States, focusing on excellent care for patients with nerve and muscle disease and state-of-the-art clinical and basic research. Our Neuromuscular Center serves our Neurological Institute, which brings together physicians, scientists, nurses and therapists to develop new technologies and better treatments for people with complex neurological conditions.

Researchers at our Neuromuscular Center have carried out hallmark research in Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, have identified a critical mechanism in the pathology of dermatomyositis and are now involved in gene therapy trials for disorders including spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Because the Neuromuscular Center houses both an inpatient plasmapheresis laboratory and an outpatient infusion service, patients can undergo any necessary autoimmune treatments without having to travel to another facility. The center also offers a variety of rehabilitative services including a full-time respiratory therapist, physical therapist and genetic counselor.



Research and Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials


Our Leaders


Miriam Freimer, MD

Director, Division of Neuromuscular Disorders; Professor of Neurology

I have been on the staff at Ohio State since 1992 in the Division of Neuromuscular Disorders, where I serve as the Division Director and Co-Director of the Myasthenia Gravis Clinic. I am board certified in neurology with an added qualification in neurophysiology. I have participated in a wide range of clinical trials in the area of neuromuscular diseases.


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Our Providers

Our Advanced Practice Providers


Jennifer Roggenbuck, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor; Assistant Professor in the Division of Genetics (Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Neurology)

I specialize in the genetic evaluation of neuromuscular disorders such as muscular dystrophies, hereditary neuropathies and motor neuron diseases. I work to bring genetic testing technology to patient care for noninvasive genetic diagnosis, risk assessment and genetic counseling. My research interests include the genetic basis and genetic counseling for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Benameur Nicole

Nicole R. Benameur MS, APRN-CNP, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

My nursing career began in 2011 at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical center as a staff nurse at Dodd Hall. I worked primarily with Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury patients for about 7 years. While working as a staff nurse, I attended Ohio State University for my master’s degree. I graduated from Ohio State in 2017 with a Master of Science, and became certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am board certified by the American Nursing Credentialing Center, ANCC. In 2018, I joined the Neuromuscular Team as a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I am a member of the American Academy of Neurology. Also a Registered Dietitian, I previously worked as a clinical dietitian at OSUMC from 2005-2011, and at Columbus Public Health 2001-2005.


Erica Wright, MSW, LISW

Social Worker

I received my Master of Social Work degree from The Ohio State University. Since 2009, I have worked in the Columbus community, and have experience with case management, psychosocial assessments, community resources, caregiver issues and knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid.

Clinical Interests: ALS, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, peripheral neuropathy

Our Researchers


Miriam Freimer, MD

Director, Division of Neuromuscular Disorders; Co-director, Myasthenia Gravis Clinic

I am a professor in the Department of Neurology. My research is focused on neuromuscular diseases including myasthenia gravis (MG), chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy (CIDP), dermatomyositis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), iodiopathic painful neuropathies and hereditary neuropathies.


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Stephen Kolb, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology; Associate Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry

Stephen Kolb, MD, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Neurology as well as the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Dr. Kolb's research is devoted to the understanding of molecular pathways that, when altered, result in diseases of the motor neuron. He is particularly interested in alterations in RNA metabolism that result in neurological diseases.

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Adam Quick, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology

Adam Quick, MD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology. He received his MD from Indiana University School of Medicine and completed his residency and fellowship at the University of Vermont. Dr. Quick is involved in an ongoing study examining MRI correlates of motor and cognitive dysfunction in patients with ALS.  

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Our Staff

Amy Bartlett, BA, CCRC
NeuroNEXT Clinical Research Manager

Donna Oakes
Medical Administrative Assistant

Filiz Muharrem
Clinical Research Coordinator

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