Your entire membership is built specifically for you

When you become a member, you are championed by our team of skilled and certified experts who explain, motivate and encourage your best, with:

  • Individualized goal setting, customized wellness plans and an exercise prescription tailored to you
  • Consistent support in reaching your goals
  • A team of health and fitness experts that provide ongoing support and wellness education, no matter your level of fitness

Check out our YouTube playlist to hear directly from some of our members about working with our team. In addition to the personal attention from our experts, one of the many other amenitiesyou'll enjoy is having an easy-to-use phone app to help you follow your progress in the gym and reach your health milestones. 

How we can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

We are more than just a gym, we support our members in building health habits that lead to better fitness, improved general health and lifelong wellness.

  • Meet with a registered dietitian to make healthy changes to your diet that don’t leave you feeling hungry.
  • Relieve stress and rejuvenate, with massages tailored to your fitness lifestyle.
  • Take advantage over our on-site daycare to spend some well-deserved "you" time without worrying about the kids.

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