Benjamin Segal

Benjamin Segal, MD

Chair, Department of Neurology; Director, Neuroscience Research Institute; Co-director Neurological Institute


Bakri Elsheikh, MBBS

Bakri Elsheikh, MBBS

Division Director for Neuromuscular


Pierre Giglio, MD

Director, Division of Neuro-Oncology


Yousef Hannawi, MD

Division of Stroke and Neurocritical Care


Pietro Mazzoni MD, PhD

Co-Director, Madden Center for Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders

Ariane Park, MD, MPH

Ariane Park, MD, MPH

Co-Director, Madden Center for Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders; Vice Chair of Academic Affairs


Sandra Kostyk, MD, PhD

Director, Center for Huntington's Disease

I am a professor in the Departments of Neurology and Neuroscience.  My clinical interests are in neurodegenerative disorders.  My research interests include characterizing factors associated with neurodegenerative disease processes and exploring disease modifying interventions.


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Douglas Scharre, MD

Director, Division of Cognitive and Memory Disorders

I am a professor of the Departments of clinical neurology and psychiatry. I specialize in cognitive assessment, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementia and behavioral disturbances in dementia.

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Kevin Weber, MD, MHA

Director, Division of Headache

Kevin Weber, MD, MHA, is an Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Headache Division at The Ohio State University Neurological Institute Department of Neurology. His clinical and research interests include headaches and sports concussion. He completed his Neurology training at The Ohio State University and later was chief resident his final year of residency training. He is board certified in Neurology.

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Kevin Kerber

Kevin Kerber, MD, MS

Co-Director, Health Services Research; Vice Chair of Clinical Operations

James Burke, MD

James Burke, MD, MS

Co-Director, Health Services Research


Erica Dawson, PhD

Director, Division of Neuropsychology


Kiran Rajneesh, MBBS

Director, Division of Pain Medicine

Tirisham Gyang

Tirisham Gyang, MD

Director, Multiple Sclerosis
Vice Chair of DEI

Dr. Gyang specializes in multiple sclerosis and related neuro-immunological disorders of the brain and spinal cord and has particular interest in experimental therapeutics, clinical trials and medical education. She is passionate about empowering patients with personalized interdisciplinary clinical care, quality education and clinical research. She completed her training in clinical multiple sclerosis and experimental therapeutics from University of Rochester Medical Center as a scholar of the National MS Society. She is a board certified neurologist and an active member of multiple professional societies.

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Lucretia Long, APRN-CNP

Lucretia Long, APRN-CNP

Director, Advanced Practice Provider Operations

Danielle Becker

Danielle Becker, MD

Director, Epilepsy

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Craig McMillen

Craig McMillen

  • Department of Neurology Administrator

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