You want to get better and back to your activity as quickly and safely as possible. Ohio State's sports medicine team can help.

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We will determine what caused your injury, what you can do to heal and get back to your sport faster and how to prevent re-injury. We encourage you to contact us when you experience:

  • Uncertainty about the severity of your injury or how to care for it
  • Tenderness to the touch or red streaks spreading from the injury site
  • Reinjury to a previously injured body part
  • Inability to move or bear weight on injured body part

Which of our specialties are you looking for?

A woman with her hands on her knee Arthritis and Sports

Arthritis and Sports

Osteoarthritis does not have to stop your active lifestyle.

Lacrosse player Asthma in Athletes

Asthma in Athletes

We are devoted to the unique care of athletes with asthma.

A trainer touching a woman Back Sports Injuries

Back Sports Injuries

Back pain can be debilitating, but our sports medicine experts are here to help.

Three soccer players Concussion in Sports

Concussion in Sports

Learn how we diagnose and treat sports-related concussions.

HipSportsInjuries Hip Sports Injuries

Hip Sports Injuries

Learn how to care for and treat your sports-related hip injury.

A man with his hand on his calf Leg Sports Injuries

Leg Sports Injuries

Get the care and treatment necessary for your sports-related leg injury.

SholderSportsInjuries Shoulder Sports Injuries

Shoulder Sports Injuries

Get the care and treatment necessary for your sports-related shoulder injury.

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